Alvis requires Java to run, and a LaTeX compiler to create PDFs from the tex files that Alvis produces, or a browser to view the svg files that Alvis produces. First, download the repository from

A jar file is included in the repository, and is all that is necessary to run Alvis. This can be found at /path/to/Alvis/dist/Alvis.jar, usage instructions are in the Usage section.

If you wish to compile Alvis yourself, you may do so using the file build.xml found in the Alvis root directory, and ant, as follows. In the terminal, type:

cd /path/to/Alvis/
ant compile jar

Then, to run Alvis:

cd dist
Java -jar Alvis.jar

You can also build a linux executable directly (thanks to rsuchecki for providing this functionality):

cd /path/to/Alvis/
ant linux-bin